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What ever the goal or dream is, achieving it is the sum total of the decisions and actions taken.


But what is driving the decisions and actions?


How can the decisions be improved and can success be sped up?

Why do we make bad decisions in the first place?

What Determines Our Decisions

Your brain only makes decisions to get closer to your goal, that is it.

A mistake or a bad judgment does not define a bad decision. 

In fact there is no such thing as a bad decision, there are just bad goals.

Every single person has goals whether they realise it or not. 

Some people put no real thought into what they want so their goals are set by their past experiences and self image. 

Other people work really hard on clarifying worthwhile goals so that they can have a life that they have never experienced before.

If you are trying to control your actions without putting any effort into clarifying your goals than its a bit like blaming the mirror for the outfit you’re wearing.

Your life is a reflection of the things that you hold most important and your daily decisions are calculated to maintain that ideal. 


Feeling tired after a stressful day at work?


Decisions to make are;

  1. Go straight to the gym and do a workout because your deserve it.
  2. Go straight home, have a glass of wine and watch TV because you deserve it.


It might surprise you that not everyone chose the same option.

How To Speed Up Your Success

The fuel for success is not more of the same hard work.


The fuel for success is more emotion. If you want something really badly, you have to feed it as much emotion as you can every chance you get.


This is the supercharger to your success. 


If you decide that losing 10Kgs over the next 12 weeks is going to be your goal and you start pouring your imagination and emotion into that goal, your decisions will change immediately.


The brain will decide that option 1 is the safest most gratifying decision to make and the decision will be made subconsciously. It will not be an internal battle of will as you sit in your car after work at 5:05pm.

Without realising it has happened you will be at the gym working out.


Are you still tired and was today still stressful? YES!


But thats nothing compared to what it will feel like in 12 weeks when you lose the 10Kgs of fat that has been making you feel horrible.

Your goal needs to grow into a white hot monster and it feeds off your emotional energy.

Why You Should Get a Goal

If you don’t get a goal than your past experiences will by default dictate your future decisions and actions which will lead to more of the same.


Goals change the way we see ourselves before anything has physically happened. We all have a self image and it was created when we were very young.


It was created by our interpretation of experiences and a lot of the time we were just too young to understand what was happening and for most people a lot of really negative beliefs were created about who we are.

As adults we are continuously looking for validation of those early beliefs.


Break the cycle today and start putting thought into what you really want. 

Is Fear Still Holding You Back?

Fear is based on past experiences and is just a guess on future events.


But what fear does not take into account is the lessons you have already learnt from those past experiences.


You know more today than you did yesterday and your goal has changed so those predictions are completely inaccurate.


Courage can only exist with fear.

Give your dreams the energy they need so that you don’t have to struggle with procrastination and regret everyday.


Take control of your goals and you will be surprised just what you can do.

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