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About us Kylie personal Trainer


Director / Personal Trainer – Mature Age Training Specialist

“I have found that tailoring the experience so that my clients really enjoy their time with me is the most important factor in achieving their Personal Training goals because consistency is the secret.”

I’ll teach you how to exercise, what to do and why you do it so that you can walk in to any gym in the future confidently and know what you are doing. 

I had struggled to shift the weight I had put on during my pregnancy, I tried for 5 years, after much frustration and wasted time and money I finally discovered the answer and 10 months later I was  22kg lighter, I felt amazing, I felt lean, strong and alive.  

If you’ve ever felt self conscious or worried about going to the gym, let me put your mind at ease because I understand how you feel.

If you want variety and someone that will actually get you results, then you should give me a try.

I want to help people build courage, have some fun and take control of their health. 

If you feel you may need some guidance or if you have any questions, please contact me.

  • 1300 958 646
About Brad Taylor General Manager


Gym Manager

“For me, being fit is a pivotal part of success in my personal and business life.  It gives me clarity and helps me deal with all the modern day stresses”

I have been lucky enough to have worked with some great companies in my career and Better Shape Fitness is no exception, it has been one of the most rewarding journeys to date.

As the Gym Manager, it is my job to ensure that the team has everything running smoothly.

We work tirelessly at everything from researching new exercise routines and science, to making sure that every clients goals are up to date all the way to ensuring the gym is clean and tidy.

For a work-a-holic like me being fit and healthy not only gives me the body I want, it gives me an amazing focus and allows me to enjoy my life experiences.

There are so many good gyms to choose from but very few great ones.  

Better Shape Fitness is one of the great ones.

  • 1300 958 646
About us Kristy Personal Trainer


Trainee Personal Trainer 

“I understand what it is like to struggle with trying to lose weight and become healthy. I want to use my experience and knowledge to help others change their own life for the better in a realistic and consistent way”

I had gained 40 kilograms in my first pregnancy, that combined with weight I had put on prior to pregnancy had me sitting at around 140kgs at my heaviest weight. 

I constantly felt tired, self conscious about how I looked and had little to no self confidence. I suffered from anxiety and felt as though I wasn’t enjoying my life or the time with my children. 

I had tried on and off for years to lose the weight but I just couldn’t find anything that was realistic enough to stick to or the motivation to be consistent. I also found it a challenge to stick to training, being a full time working mother, early morning training and late afternoon/evening training was not something I could consistently stick to.

I finally found a realistic way of eating and exercising which helped me to lose over 60kgs in 19 months. 

I am now the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. I have self confidence, my mood is amazing and I feel like I can finally enjoy doing things with my children again. 

I now love training in the gym and I especially enjoy strength training. I have even built a keen interest in martial arts and do Jiu Jitsu several times a week.

Change can happen, so please don’t give up.

  • 1300 958 646
testimonial from Karen


"I really want to thank you for your guidance in training I am feeling the best I have since my heartbreak of loosing my parents , you have made me feel good, mentally improving everyday and physically so much better, a big thank you...”

Testimonial from Rachel


"Finally a PT that gets results "Words can not even describe 🙌🏼 After seeing countless Personal Trainers, trying supplements, vitamin tablets, seeing Doctors and dieticians blah blah blah. I finally found one who managed to help smash my ideal weight... ”

Testimonial from Patrick


"Kylie is a professional trainer who offers individual plans to achieve your fitness goals. She has produced really great results! Highly recommended!...”

Testimonial from Lee


"Better Shape Fitness has helped me so much.  Setting my goals and getting my fitness up to date.  I feel so motivated and happy to be part of the Better Shape Team. I would totally recommend that anyone give Better Shape a try...”