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Welcome to your local Gym specialising in coaching mature aged people to lose weight and achieve the level of health and fitness they deserve.

We bring Personal Training and Gym Membership together for you in one easy weekly membership.

No more of your time and money wasted trying to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals alone.


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From your PT every visit.


Your new confidence.

Train when you want and as long as you want just like any Gym with the peace of mind of having your own Coach helping you at all times. You will always know what to do and how to do it. See our services and prices.

Overweight and worried about your fitness and health?

Come in and train anytime you like BUT always have a Personal Trainer here showing you exactly what to do so that you maximise your results and minimise the time it takes to achieve them.

PTs On Demand

Unlimited Personal Training is included in your Gym Membership. Come in and get trained by a fully qualified Personal Trainer anytime you want.

Online Coaching

Daily routines for home or gym AND daily coaching from your own Personal Trainer. Work with a program that cares about you.

Feel confident in the gym + Get results faster

If you are overweight or obese and want to learn the physical activity that you need to know to achieve a healthy weight, then please ask for help today.
You are only one click away from experiencing all the short term and long term health benefits of being active and motivated with our Personal Training.

Once you achieve your first goal of a healthy body weight we will then teach you how to keep the body fat off and how to build a strong foundation of fitness along with great healthy food intake habits.

Our strength training techniques will then build the muscle you need to feel toned up, strong and confident.


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Testimonial from Wayne


"I’ve been seeing Kylie for over a year now and have found her to be wonderful. She manages to keep me motivated and doesn’t make me feel bad about when I fall off the wagon, she’s there to help me back into it...."

Testimonial from Dianne


"Kylie met my needs, understood where my body was at, understood my goals and went about preparing me for my trip. I shared the experience with Kylie before any of my family as together we had achieved the unbelievable...."

Testimonial from Kristy


"I lost 65 Kilograms Lost Forever, if you are looking for that little push to get yourself eating better, shock your body into losing fat after a plateau,  or even if you are just starting out on a weightloss journey and need some help..."

Testimonial from Alyce


"Kylie is amazing and has helped me get to where I am now. She is such a great trainer I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else, she really helps you feel good about training even if you struggle or can’t do certain things...."