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Welcome to the mature age Personal Training specialist gym here in beautiful Wollongong.

Our two passions are Weight Loss and Strength Conditioning, particularly for people over the age of 40.

For us there is no bigger thrill than to see clients achieving their goals.

Achieving and maintaining any level of health and fitness is a result of our habits and our habits are a result of what we enjoy doing.  Our proven success shows that by creating a great gym experience we can improve the habits and results of anyone, regardless of where they start.

Our Personal Training coaches are experts at learning what motivates and inspires you so that you can discover the fun in fitness.

Enquire today about our no obligation FREE Private Personal Training consultation and session so you can experience for yourself over a 30minute session exactly what you need to do to achieve what you want.

  • No Joining Fees
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  • No Contracts 

Private Sessions

For 30minutes you will have the undivided attention of your very own expert Personal Training coach. Ensuring you achieve your goals on time.

Group Sessions

Get more opportunities to train with our 30minute Group Sessions, save money and still get all the same Personal Training  benefits. 

Online Coaching

Your KickStart programs are like no other.  Daily routines for home or gym AND daily coaching from your own Personal Trainer.




"I’ve been seeing Kylie for over a year now and have found her to be wonderful. She manages to keep me motivated and doesn’t make me feel bad about when I fall off the wagon, she’s there to help me back into it...."


"Kylie met my needs, understood where my body was at, understood my goals and went about preparing me for my trip. I shared the experience with Kylie before any of my family as together we had achieved the unbelievable...."


"65Kgs Lost Forever! If you are looking for that little push to get yourself eating better, shock your body into losing fat after a plateau,  or even if you are just starting out on a weightloss journey and need some help..."


"Kylie is amazing and has helped me get to where I am now. She is such a great trainer I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else, she really helps you feel good about training even if you struggle or can’t do certain things...."