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Testimonial from Marie


"Kylie is great!  Sensitive but tough  I have health issues and Kylie is always helpful at making things appropriate and achievable at each session.  Very knowledgeable and worth every cent...”

testimonial from Carolyn


"I researched Trainers around the area, I looked at the website and liked that you were a little older and had lost a lot of weight and transformed yourself, you would understand the struggles...”

Testimonial from Steph


"Feeling stronger, healthier and more powerful than ever. I had tried so many different types of ways to help me achieve my goals, mainly feeling comfortable with my body..."

Testimonial from Gianna


"Kylie is an exceptional Personal Trainer and a caring person also. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering using a Personal Trainer... ”

Achieving and maintaining the body and health that you want is a simply a result of new habits. No matter what level you are starting from, you can learn the new habits that you need.

Fitness can be fun with the right plan and the right guidance.

We will teach you how to improve your habits and how to have a great experience at the gym so that you can enjoy the results for the rest of your life. 

As we get into our 40s and beyond our bodies start to suffer from more injuries, aches, fat gain and muscle loss.

We can also start to experience more mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and low confidence. 

It is never too late.