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About The leading MATURE AGE Fitness Gym and Weight Loss PERSONAL TRAINER WOLLONGONG

We are located just down the road from Wollongong City CBD and our passion is helping mature aged people lose weight and gain confidence. 

The vast majority of people are not athletes and it is not always easy working on your own to lose weight or to build a level of fitness that will have you looking the way that you want to. It is not just a matter of eating right and exercising. You need real support from a team that know what they are talking about and understand you. 

If you have ever tried a diet you probably experienced rapid weight loss was often followed by rapid weight gain as you struggled with the challenges of achieving a healthy weight on your own.

That is why we created Better Shape Fitness, so that you can have the expert guidance and support of a Personal Trainer that understands exactly what you need while having the flexibility of visiting with or without an appointment just like any other Gym.


Whether you prefer training in the Gym, at Home or enjoy training with a friend, we have every option all at one easy Gym Membership Fee.

About us Brad and Kylie

Kylie and Brad Taylor

Kylie is the Senior Personal Trainer and Brad is the General Manager. "No matter where you are starting from it is never too late and you shouldn't have to feel you are alone."


We have created a gym here in Wollongong where you can train when you want however you will always have a Personal Trainer there to assist you at no extra cost.

    • No more guess work trying to train yourself.
    • No more wasted time and money on gym memberships that don’t get you what you want.
    • We call it PTs On Demand.


Showing you how to achieve your Weight Loss and Fitness goals

Our area of expertise is teaching  mature age people how to get the body and health they want while working around injuries, health issues or low self-esteem.

If the treadmill area is your safe place in the gym or if you find yourself looking at others in the gym to decide what to do next, then you need to be educated on how to workout the right way. 

If you look at youtube videos for workout tips before going to the gym so that you feel more confident or if you are too self-conscious to go and exercise, then you need to reach out and ask for help.

It is never too late and its a lot easier to get results with the right help than you might think.

Better Shape fitness personal Training 1420

We will teach you how to improve your habits and how to have a great experience at the gym so that you can enjoy the results for the rest of your life. 

As we get into our 40s and beyond our bodies start to suffer from more injuries, aches, fat gain and muscle loss, not to mention mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

We are experienced in working with injuries and illness as well as helping people manage other challenges such as anxiety and low self esteem.

You will always feel valued and supported throughout your journey at Better Shape Fitness.

Take the step today and book your free trial to see why we are the leading gym Wollongong, it really is never too late.

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