About Us

What gets us up every morning

This is the mature age Personal Training and online Coaching specialist gym in Wollongong.

Our focus and passion is showing our clients how they can achieve the Weight Loss and Strength Conditioning they never thought they could have.

We will teach you how to improve your habits and how to have a great experience at the gym so that you can enjoy the results for the rest of your life. 

As we get into our 40s and beyond our bodies start to suffer from more injuries, aches, fat gain and muscle loss.

We can also start to experience more mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and low confidence.

Our Personal Trainers are not only experienced in working with injuries and illness, they are also very experienced in helping people manage other challenges such as anxiety and low self esteem.

Whether you are taking part in a group session, private session or have joined our online KickStart21 program, you will always feel valued and supported throughout your journey at Better Shape Fitness.

Our Personal Training coaches are experts at learning what motivates and inspires you so that you can discover the fun in fitness.

Enquire today about our no obligation FREE Private Personal Training consultation and session so you can experience for yourself over a 30minute session exactly what you need to do to achieve what you want.

Testimonial from Brad


"I wouldn't call this Personal Training, I would definitely call it Coaching because I have learnt more in the past 16 weeks than in the past 20 years..."

Testimonial from Jess


"Kylie has motivated me to get back into fitness and makes it so easy to slide back into regular work outs. She is very attentive and has a good outlook on how people work. She is great at catering to individual needs even when it’s a group session..."

Testimonial from Jonni


"I've had so many comments recently on my figure that I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Kylie. Since meeting Kylie and starting training with her, I've lost 6kg and kept it off..."

Testimonial from Louella


"Always feeling supported. Always learning something new each and every session.  Never felt better since training with Kylie Taylor..."