Losing Weight For over 40s Part 2

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So far we’ve discussed the premise that weight gain has more to do with your psychology than it has to do with diet and exercise.

The action of weight loss is not very hard and you can get results quite quickly, but getting your head in the game is the part that most people miss.

So let’s get into it.

The basic idea is to manage the things in your life that trigger you into negative emotions or self talk so that you can get into a more creative and optimistic attitude.

The following steps are what works for me, they may seem too simple or might sound unimportant however together, trust me, they really do work.

Before we tackle your weight loss or fitness we are going to take back control of your day.

Have you ever been really excited about an event that’s on the next day? 

That is the enthusiasm we want to cultivate once we have some great goals. 

Because that enthusiasm will give you the motivation to do the things to get the good night sleep that you need.

But we don’t have the goals yet so in the meantime its all about will power and discipline.

(A) Think about what you are going to do the next morning before you go to bed. This gives your morning meaning and purpose.

(B) Don’t eat or drink an hour before bed.

(C) Go to bed early enough so that you can get at least 8 hours sleep, preferably before 10:00pm. Read a book if you like but be sure it’s not a drama or a ‘dark’ book. We want your imagination to be triggered in a positive way before sleep.

(D) Get out of bed before you ‘have to’ get up and put yourself back in control of your day. 

Rushing around every morning is a terrible way to start the day. 

If you can do some exercise, even a 5minute walk around the block, you will be starting the day like a superstar.

If you are not feeling the best about yourself, Social Media, News, excessive TV and relentless Advertising can be very toxic. 

It is a world of extremes where reality has very little to do with the content we view or hear.

  • Reduce Social Media 

Why not pop your social media apps into a folder and get it off your home screen. Check it once a day for 10minutes and get on with your life.

  • Reduce News

Stop watching the news and absolutely stop watching any talk shows and current affairs. 

Unless you are a very very important person, the world can do without you for a couple of weeks.

The news is a drama tragedy that your mind can do without.

  • Reduce TV and Netflix

Minimise TV and stop binge watching Netflix for the next 2 weeks. 

Watch only movies and try to watch it with someone, get out the popcorn and make an event of it for 90mins. 

If you have ever said that you don’t have enough time to get things done, 

I strongly suggest you review the amount of screen time that you are wasting.

Someone cuts you off on the way to work or you see a fast food advertisement.

Triggers are anchored to a memory or an event and sometimes it changes our state in a negative way or sets us on a destructive path. 

It’s not depression, anxiety or major trauma, 

It’s the triggers that change your emotional state throughout the day in minor ways and it happens to everyone. 

These negative reactions are the ones we want to try and disrupt.

It doesn’t make it ok that the other person is a terrible driver 

It doesn’t make it bad that you now feel like a hamburger n fries

 It is about, what you are going to do next.

The only thing you have control over is your own thoughts and actions so take responsibility for how you respond. 

Again that was,

These are all things that you can do today and they don’t require any hard physical work or cost any money.

They are designed to get your mind focussed again by giving you a new sense of control so your mind is 

  • ready to look at the present, 
  • stop living in the past 
  • stop waiting till tomorrow.

Next we will cover what to do once your mind is feeling healthier and clearer.

If you feel that you have experienced a trauma that is personally unresolved or you feel you might be suffering any mental health issue, large or small, please reach out to a professional for help. A simple phone call could change your life forever.

Join me in the next chapter as we get into the game plan.