For 30minutes you will have the undivided attention of your very own expert Personal Training coach. Ensuring you achieve your goals on time.


Get more opportunities to train with our 30minute Group Sessions, save money and still get all the same Personal Training benefits.


Our kickStart programs are like no other. Daily routines for home or gym with video tutorials and daily coaching from your own Personal Trainer.



We all know the health issues related to having excess fat on our body.

Questions like, ‘Can I actually lose it?’, ‘Is it going to be too hard?’, ‘Will I fail?’, “Will I have time?”, ‘Will people judge me?’, ‘What do I do?’, can stop us before we have even begun.

Kylie and the team have invested a great deal of time and energy into creating a training environment where our clients can safely and confidently work on achieving their goals without worry or stress.

We are not a commercial gym.  Our sessions are by appointment only so that you will always have your coach there, be made to feel welcome, know what you are doing and have every tool you need.


Did you know that muscle burns calories all day even at rest?

If you want to keep fat off, look toned and terrific as well as avoid hundreds of health issues in your later years. Then strength training is a must for you.

Strength training is not body building, but it is the key to looking amazing no matter how old you are.

Your Personal Trainer will educate you on each exercise and what the benefits are.  They will show you how to perform each exercise safely and how to avoid injury.

Online programs


Welcome to the KickStart21 day program.

Over 21 days we will teach you how to create the habits, mindset and skills to get the body that you want.

Login anytime to review nutrition, workouts and video tutorials.

Or call our coaching hotline for motivation and tips.


If weight loss is your goal then this is the life changing program that you have been waiting for.

Forget the diets and the fads. 

Over 12 weeks we will teach you exactly how to get the body of your dreams AND most importantly how you can keep it.

Its time to stop punishing yourself with procrastination and regret.

Its time to rise up and embrace your future with KickStartSHRED!

Login anytime to review nutrition, workouts and video tutorials.

Or contact our coaching hotline for motivation and tips. 


Is the ultimate 12 week strength coaching program designed to develop and build your muscle.

Strength conditioning is the foundation for staying lean, having strong bones and great fitness.

This 12 week program will give you the knowledge and the skills so that you can create a life long habit of optimal health and fitness.



"I wanted a trainer to keep me motivated because alone I lack motivation, with Kylie I don't feel like I'm just another person she's trying to get fit, there is care factor, I'm an individual..."


"Kylie is a great trainer and person she understands what it takes both physically and emotionally . Would recommend Kylie to anyone that is looking at starting their weight loss journey”


"So much positive energy and support whenever I contacted them. The training was amazing and because of that the motivation was there every day! Call them! ”



"From wearing baggy oversized T shirts every session to wearing tight tops and short shorts, you go girl!... ”