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Gym Membership with Personal Training at no extra cost

No joining fee or lock in contracts

Experience the difference of having your own PT included in your membership.

Save money, save time and train when it suits you. Secure your Free trial today.


Private Personal Training sessions

PTs On Demand

$55 Per Week

UNLIMITED access to Gym and Personal Trainers.

Don’t waste your time and money at the local gym trying to train yourself. Come in and get trained by a fully qualified Personal Trainer anytime you want.

Personal Training Group Sessions

Casual Visits

$30 Per Visit

Access to the Gym and Personal Trainers.

Enjoy all the benefits of PTs On Demand without the weekly payment.

Online Coaching


From $70

See further details below on our 21 Day and 70 Day programs.

Your KickStart programs are like no other.  Daily routines for home or gym AND daily coaching from your own Personal Trainer.


Kickstart21 services



Money back guarantee

KickStartSHRED sewrvices



Money back guarantee

KickStartMAXX services



Money back guarantee

Commercial gyms can be fantastic services, they’re usually cheap, have loads of equipment and you can train when you want to but Personal Training costs extra.

If you are a beginner, find consistent motivation difficult, not so disciplined or you have current health issues, a gym can be a challenge for you to get results on your own.

Now you can learn the latest strength and conditioning techniques, find the best weight loss and fitness plan for you all at no extra cost.

We will cover all of your health and fitness needs with our modern functional training and cardio equipment so that you have all the training equipment you need.

Plus having your very own Personal Trainer there means that you will always be exercising the right way at the right intensity.

Membership Access Card

Our membership access swipe card will track how many visits you make in a week and will link our Personal Trainer to your goals and any medical issues  that you might have. 

Just another way that we make sure you are getting the very best coaching and the very best motivation when you need it most.

Get faster results

Avoid injury

Save money and time

Why not book in today for a FREE session so you can meet our trainers and experience our gym with no obligation to join.
Testimonial from Chris


"I wanted a trainer to keep me motivated because alone I lack motivation, with Kylie I don't feel like I'm just another person she's trying to get fit, there is care factor, I'm an individual..."

Testimonial from Jas


"Kylie is a great trainer and person she understands what it takes both physically and emotionally . Would recommend Kylie to anyone that is looking at starting their weight loss journey”

Testimonial from Nadene


"So much positive energy and support whenever I contacted them. The training was amazing and because of that the motivation was there every day! Call them! ”

Testimonial from Tori


"From wearing baggy oversized T shirts every session to wearing tight tops and short shorts, you go girl!... ”