Health Initiative


why it's for you

Finding and training new staff is very expensive and it takes time for companies to see the return on investment for that new staff member.

Finding a great job and developing a successful career while navigating the pressures of work and family are as equally challenging for staff.

Physical Illness and injury along with mental illness not only costs businesses thousands of dollars per year but they also have a major affect on an employees career success and therefore an employees income.

What we do

We provide Personal Training in our Wollongong gym or your office gym for staff to work in harmony with an organisations priorities.

We want to provide a culture within the workplace where the importance of employees exercise is embraced equally with the importance of the organisations commercial outcomes.

By working with management, we build an understanding of when employees are available to train and in doing so employees are more likely to participate as they understand that management is supporting the initiative.

    • Create stronger loyalty
    • Creating a team culture 
    • Create greater profits for companies and staff
    • Reduce absenteeism
    • Reduce staff turnover
    • Reduce compensation claims

What Are The Discounts?

The discounts offered in most cases are 20% for unlimited weekly sessions however this can increase in some situations.

Who Pays?

Each client will pay their own way however in some situations an employer will offer to pay a portion or all of the Personal Training fees for each client.


When a team member is absent from work it not only costs the company a day’s pay.  It also affects the quality of the work being performed, puts pressure on other team members by increasing workload, puts stresses on management to meet outcomes and can put stresses on customers if mistakes are made or the product/service is late.

The majority of work related injuries according to the ABS are sprains and strains along with chronic joint or muscle conditions.   All of which are avoidable and all of which can be substantially reduced by a healthy work life.

For many years studies have shown that exercise has a major affect on avoiding illnesses such as the flu or stress related mental illness both of which have a major affect on businesses and employees every month.

*The workplace plays an important part in combating the rise in chronic disease, promoting participation in employment, and preventing needless disability. 

The workplace can affect the physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing of workers and therefore offers opportunities to improve worker health.

To realise the health benefits of work and accelerate the prevention of chronic disease, workplaces need to extend their agenda to include health and wellbeing. 

Good work is good for you. 

Strong evidence shows that good worker health and wellbeing boosts organisational health and business performance.

Chronic disease negatively affects worker productivity and workplaces bear a number of associated costs. Health and wellbeing programs can improve performance and productivity and reduce indirect costs.

*Quote from Comcare – An Australian Government health initiative –  https://www.comcare.gov.au