Losing Weight For over 40s Part 3

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In part 1 we discussed how health requires that our head is in the game.

In part 2 we discussed how to help get your mind clear.

Now in part 3 we will discuss the basics of weight loss and how it is kept off with common sense and self awareness rather than expensive tricks and gimmicks.

Complete Part 2 'Getting Your Mind In The Game' before you start thinking of your goals.

A big mistake people make is they set their major goal as weight loss.  

Weight loss should be a step towards something more meaningful, a means to an end. 

We need a reason for the weight loss, 

what is it going to do for you 

and what are you going to do with it?

Here is what you need for a health or fitness goal to be a success,

  • Purpose

It needs to be part of a bigger purpose that means a lot to you.

eg: Fitting into a dress for your child’s wedding.

  • Measurable

It needs to be measurable. 

eg: Hips Xcms, Waist Xcms, Chest Xcms

  • Realistic 

Your goal should be a stretch but not a huge leap.

Speak to a PT or Health professional for guidance if you are unsure.

Aim for around 8 – 12 weeks per goal.

If you goal is going to take 6 months then you should break it up into 8 week steps.

  • Date

It needs to have a completion date.

eg: 11th December


Let yourself get excited about your goal and celebrate every milestone you reach.

Go and buy the dress before you can fit into it so you are committed.

Don’t look on with envy at what others have.

Be grateful for who your are and set your goals for yourself 

so you can run your own race. 

Get yourself a gym membership immediately. It is more than just the equipment, it is the atmosphere of everyone giving it a go that you want.

If any of the following sounds like you than you need to invest in an experienced Personal Trainer,

(A) you have no idea what to do.

(B) you spend most of your time on the machines in the gym.

(C) you have current injuries or weaknesses.

(D) you are too self-conscious to do it alone.

Every gym is different so look for a Gym or Personal Trainer that will give you a free trial period and see if you enjoy the experience.

If it’s not a perfect match then pop into another local gym until you find the right fit.

you can expect to pay around 

$12-$16 pwk for a Gym Membership 

$30-50 per 30minute session for a good PT

This is another area that gets missed a lot.

  • Clean Out The Kitchen 

It is totally fine to have some treats in the pantry but if your pantry looks like the lolly isle at the super market, it is time to throw some stuff out.

You shouldn’t need any more than a bottle of wine, a box of crackers and maybe a small cheese in the fridge to cover naughty treats.

If you have kids then make sure you have a bag of pop corn kernels, hummus and carrot sticks for their snacks.

Remove the temptation and ability to indulge.

  • Buy Right Eat Right

Bring a shopping list with you for groceries or order online.

Never go down the lolly isle and don’t look at the sale items at the checkout.

Spend the majority of your time and money in the fresh foods section.

  • Invest In Your Fitness 

Go out and buy some new gym clothes and shoes.

Some new gear makes you feel good which can help if exercise isn’t your favourite thing. 

And that is all you need to do.

Get your head clear and positive

Find what gets you excited and go for it

Be grateful for everything you are


Till next time please remember 

Success is a journey not a destination 🙂