Beating The Results Plateau

Our bodies are extremely intelligent and are specialists at adapting.

Intensity is all about demanding more from our body than our body wants to give.

Intensity can solve our problems without increasing time working out or decreasing food intake.

What is intensity?

Intensity is not trying to push more weight than you can control or moving so fast your form suffers or you feel you might faint.

Intensity is creating a mind – muscle connection. Its intensifying your focus to make every step or rep count.

Intensity is working in the zone where you have the balance between being uncomfortable but in control at the same time.

How can intensity help?

Worried about people in the gym judging you?

Those people will be the last thing on your mind the moment that you turn up the intensity and start demanding more from your body in that session.  I don’t have the ability to think about others when I work out, I’m too focussed on me.

Not gaining the muscle you want?

Stop counting reps and stop saving yourself for the next set.  You should be aiming for no more than 10 reps.  Up the weight if you can do more than 10 reps. Slow the reps down and be in control. Demand more from your body than your body wants to give you.

Worried about the time it takes to workout?

Up the intensity and cut your time.  20mins of high intensity training will do the job.  Get in and get out.

Not losing the weight but you’re going to the gym all the time?

Get off the treadmill, stop yapping and turn up the intensity.  Shock that body and don’t make the mistake of only doing cardio.  Strength training is going to be a huge influence on your body losing fat.

Worried about the cost of a PT for an hour?

Turn up that intensity and you won’t be able to train for an hour.

Haven’t got a goal that you can get excited about?

When you start turning up your intensity in the gym you will start to inspire yourself, believe in yourself and get the motivation you need to set the goal.

Remember intensity the next time you are exercising and get that little bit more each time out of your mind and body that it doesn’t want to give.

The results that you get will amaze you.


This article does not take into account your current situation.  Always seek professional advice before changing your current diet or exercise plans.