Strength and Weight Loss


Strength and Weight Loss

Strength Training – The secret weapon

If you want to look great naked now and stay out of the nursing home later then this article is worth a read.

For the girls and guys the thought of doing deadlifts, squats and bench press can be a little daunting.

And it’s not helped by the fact that most weights areas in gyms are far too intimidating for most newbies to venture into.

The fact of the matter is that cardio alone is not going to get you the results that you want.  It’s definitely important but it is only one piece of the puzzle.


The myths of Strength Training

Ladies will often say that they don’t want strength training because they don’t want to get bulky muscles.

Men will often get frustrated because they are not bulking up enough.

Big muscles like you see in the bodybuilding magazines come from a tremendous amount of nutrient rich food.

You will not get huge muscles unless you have a nutrition plan to get them.  Working out on it’s own will not build big muscles. 


The Benefits to help Fat Loss

Lose fat not muscle 

Without strength training you run the risk of losing not only fat weight but also losing muscle weight.  You can be thin and unhealthy too, this can lead to a huge amount of health issues that will get worse with age.  Strength Training preserves, strengthens and develops your bones and muscles while at the same time burning off your fat deposits.


Training is good for the Brain

Resistance training increases your cognitive function (how we learn, problem solve and concentrate)

It also allows us to deal with stress and anxiety as well as increase our confidence and self esteem.


More bang for your buck

EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption)

Larger muscles burn more calories and more fat. Cardio also burns calories and fat however, only while the exercise is being performed.  High rep strength training keeps burning calories and fat long after you finish exercising because your body has to work hard to repair damaged muscle and maintain muscle health to keep up with your demands.  


Losing Weight improves the length and quality of  your life 

Strength Training improves balance and coordination, controls blood pressure, builds a stronger heart, increases bone density, improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

From heart disease to cancer Strength Training helps in preventing, managing and recovery from major diseases.


It’s not boring

Strength Training requires concentration and focus plus you only need to do a 20-30minute session to get all the benefits.  

For me, it sure beats running on the treadmill for an hour everyday while watching Oprah on the tele.

Strength Training actually teaches you something new every time.  It teaches you how your body works, new routines and it teaches you just how amazing you can be.


If you would like to get into some Strength Training but you’re not sure about what to do.  Go and have a chat to one of the Personal Trainers at your gym.  Book in a 30 minute session and ask them to teach you the exercises and how to do them right.

Before you know it you’ll be intimidating the newbies down on the weights floor 🙂 

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