Heal Your Gut. Your Gut and Your Brain

Your gut and your brian


Heal your gut. The gut and your second brain.

Research that could potentially entirely change the way that we look at weight loss, health and illness.

The benefits of paying attention to our gut and how it communicates with the brain could be immensely important in healing and fixing your gut.

You probably already know that there are trillions of little microbes in our gut.

Each one of the thousands of different types of microbes feeds on different things within our gut such as sugar, fibre etc.

We are in a symbiotic relationship with these microbes and they are incredibly important to our health.

But what you may not know is that recent ground breaking research has confirmed that our gut speaks directly to our brain.

Scientists call this our second brain.

The mesh of brain cells that follow the length of your gut are exactly the same as the brain cells in your head.

Our body releases hormones like leptin, PYY and ghrelin to tell us when we are full or when we are hungry.

But our second brain also communicates directly to our brain as well via neurone transmitters .

So why is all this important to know?

There is current research now on how each different colony of microbes can communicate with the second brain to demand more of what they want.

So if your diet is out of balance, your microbes can get out of balance leading to your brain believing that your body needs a particular type of food like sugar for example,  when in fact it is the microbes in your gut demanding it not your body.

If you are interested in knowing more about how your gut, immune system and brain really works, please listen to the amazing podcast featuring Dr Michael Mosley on ABC conversations here.

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ABC podcast featuring Dr Michael Mosley on ABCs Conversations with Richard Fidler:

Amazon books:

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