Feeling Run Down and Tired?

Feeling run down and tired

It has become a common belief in recent decades that being tired and run down is just an inescapable side affect of our busy western lives.

But before you reach out for that coffee to get you through the day, lets look at some simple, powerful and longterm solutions – 

The Nanna nap

Let’s start with my all time favourite, the nanna nap. 15-20 minutes of shut eye everyday does wonders.

It recharges your mind, gets your creativity flowing and reduces stress.

The world would rather be without you for 20mins while you nap than have to put up with you being cranky and inefficient for the rest of the day.

Bedtime routines

On the topic of sleep, quality is more important than quantity.

Your mind and body needs good quality sleep. 

This is the time that your brain gets to reboot and your body gets to repair damaged cells and

-Staying up too late, 

-using devices before bed, 

-eating before bed 

-going to bed at inconsistent times

All contribute to you having a bad nights sleep.

-Go to bed at the same time each night.

-Don’t look at devices 2 hours before bed.

-Don’t eat anything 2 hours before bed.

Instead, read a light book and let your body relax into a deep sleep.


The average adult person will lose 2.5 to 3 litres of water per day and this loss increases with high temperatures or exercise.

We are made mostly of water therefore water is vital for us to – 

  • Maintain cell integrity
  • Keep blood flowing
  • Eliminate waist
  • Regulate temperature
  • Protect mucous membranes such as in lungs and mouth
  • Protect joints
  • Protecting bladder from bacteria
  • Assist digestion
  • Moisturise the skin
  • Carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • Protect the eyes, spinal cord and fetus during pregnancy 

But drinking is not the only source of water, fruits and vegetables high in water content are essential to you feeling great.

An adult women should take in 2.1 litres of water per day and an adult male 2.6 Litres per day.

A sedentary day

Sitting down and not moving much reduces your bodies ability to function effectively and makes you super tired.

Get up and walk around at least once every hour and preferably try and get outside.

When your heart rate increases, all the good stuff starts moving around and you feel great again.

Lots of modern companies are realising the benefits of getting staff moving throughout the day.  It is definitely worth a chat to your employer or your HR department to see what changes can be made at your work.

Complex carbs

Eating refined carbs, such as sweets, pasta, white bread and white flour can cause a rise in blood sugar and a plunge in insulin levels, causing fatigue and weakness. 

Instead, swap them for long-lasting complex carbs, such as quinoa, sweet potatoes and whole oats. 

Not all simple carbs are bad, such as what you find in fruit and vegetables.  

It’s really the processed foods that you want to avoid.

Not enough Protein

Feeling fatigued? It could stem from a lack of protein. 

The amino acids that comprise protein are essential in transporting oxygen into your blood, so being deficient could leave you tired. 

Since it takes longer to digest, protein also leaves you feeling fuller longer. 

A lack of protein can also leave you susceptible to low levels of vitamin B-12 and folate, causing anemia, a condition where your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells.