How to get motivated to exercise

Ideas on how to get motivated

How to get myself motivated to exercise and go to the Gym?

Gyms will be reopening on June13th 2020.

Being in the Gym and Fitness industry, I speak to a lot of people every week and one thing that comes up at least a couple of times each week is some peoples continued struggle with motivation to exercise regularly.


Motivation in the workplace is easier.

The last company Kylie and I owned before Better Shape Fitness was a small operation with around 30 staff.

In my opinion motivating staff is relatively easy. 

  • They chose the position.
  • They chose the company.
  • They get a regular, tangible reward in the form of wages.
  • They agreed to the terms of employment.

All I needed to show is that the company cared about them and will help to make their job enjoyable and achieve their goals.

The long term and short term expectations were clear. 


Motivation for fitness is different. 

The problem with fitness is that our expectations are usually unrealistic and unfortunately, the fault largely lies with the fitness industry itself. 

Fitness marketing continues to send conflicting messages about how to get fit and what people need to do.

One minute we can achieve our goal with a miracle 8 week program at home and the next minute we are told it takes years of blood, sweat and tears at the gym.

It’s no wonder that people are unclear of what to do and what they will get in reward for their work.

If our expectations are unclear then we become uncertain and that will destroy our motivation. 


Having the right expectations towards fitness

  • Have patience and don’t fall for the latest easy way out because they never work long term.
  • Fitness is like gardening, you won’t know that it is working straight away. The truth is that your body will BE better before it LOOKS better because fitness works from the inside out. 
  • You get out exactly what you put in. If you build up to exercising everyday for 30 minutes at a level 7/10 or more then you will achieve the fitness that your body needs. If you start really working hard then you will need to take a day off from training a couple of times per week.
  • You can not out run a bad diet. Unfortunately the idea that you can exercise more to compensate for a bad diet is just not true. I wish it was but the fact is you will have to cut down to having fewer treats and smaller servings when you do have a treat. If you had a couple of treat meals each week then you will be fine.

How to get motivated to exercise 

Usually people will fall into one of 3 categories.

  1. They like exercising – these people have found something they like about exercise and it is enjoyable for them. Sure, they still feel a bit of pain and want to stop when it burns or even have a day off now and then but, for the most part, they find more joy in doing the exercise routines.
  2. They hate how they look and have reached snapping point – Some of us need more of a stick to get us moving to lose weight or build muscle. It’s just a shame they waited so long. The longer you wait, the lower your confidence and self-esteem will become and the stronger those habits will become making it more difficult to stay motivated for more than a few months.
  3. Someone makes you do it – If you haven’t exercised in the past 48 hours and you haven’t reached snapping point then the only way you are going to exercise is if someone makes you. This is why you sign an employee contract at work, your boss knows that even though you picked the position, company and want money, if they don’t make you come to work then you probably wouldn’t.

If you are a number 3 person then you need someone to make you show up enough times so that you can find your own fun in fitness. You might get lucky and find a sport or gym that you like straight away or you might have to try a couple of sports or do some free gym trials before you find your fun.

I hired my first Personal Trainer about 20years ago and it took me a couple of free gym sessions to find the one I liked and I have done the same in the past with Gyms.

It might take a couple of free gym trials but I promise you that there is something out there for you. Exercise can be fun and you will find the motivation to exercise.

If you haven’t had a Gym session before then find out what to expect in your Personal Training session.

The key to getting motivated to exercise 

Know yourself, be honest with yourself and ask for help if you need it.

Tell a friend or family member today that you need help and ask them to make you go for a 30 minute walk with them.

Don’t try to get motivated to exercise, just get motivated enough to ask for help.

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