How To Lose Weight After 40

Weight loss For Over 40s - cover image

Losing Weight For Over 40s - LESS TO DO WITH DIET AND EXERCISE

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to lose weight?

For us older folks, as our metabolism slows, it gets harder to manage a healthy weight but more importantly there are usually years, if not decades of cemented in bad habits to overcome.

The good news is that you may have just been attacking it from the wrong angle.

I want to show you a few simple ways to

Get your head clear so you can create some worthwhile goals

Take action so that you can make those goals a reality

Let me start by saying that you should be proud and love your body no matter what the current social ‘norms’ are dictating. 

There is no point beating yourself up over what you wish you should have, or could have done in the past. 

Today is a new day and all you have control of is the present.

Run your own race and stand proud.

I just want you to live a full life and I don’t want anyone to be restricted in their life experiences because of their weight. 

It doesn’t matter how you look, it matters how you feel and that your body is able to do the things that you enjoy. 

So that you can live your best life.

If you feel that you are not as healthy as you would like to be then this is for you.

Most ‘experts’ would give you diet tips or some sort of workout to lose weight but they don’t understand what the cause of weight gain really is. 

They think it’s a bad diet and no exercise. 

But these are just the symptoms.

Others might say it’s a lack of goals. 

But they are also missing the point. 

How can anyone create worthwhile goals if their head is not in the right place?

The cause of your weight gain starts with your psychology.

If we ignore your psychology we will just get more of the same. 

What ever the trigger, learned action or belief, your weight gain has less to do with diet and exercise.

The rub is that losing weight in its self is actually very easy and quite enjoyable 

Once we get your head back in the game then we can start kicking some goals.

I want you to know that there is a way for you to achieve and manage a healthy body fat content so that you can enjoy all the life experiences you feel you’ve been missing out on.

Losing weight is very easy with a few simple weight loss tips followed by fitness and strength training.

Getting your mind and body to a place where you are ready to lose it is what we are going to learn.

I invite you to join me as I share with you a few things you can do over the next couple of weeks to get your head and heart in the game.